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Blog Tour Review of Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

The bit on the back…

When Tate Collins finds airline pilot Miles Archer passed out in front of her apartment door, it is definitely not love at first sight. They wouldn't even go so far as to consider themselves friends. But what they do have is an undeniable mutual attraction.

He doesn't want love and she doesn't have time for a relationship, but their chemistry cannot be ignored. Once their desires are out in the open, they realize they have the perfect set-up, as long as Tate can stick to two rules:

Never ask about the past and don't expect a future.

Tate is determined that she can handle it, but when she realises that she can't, will she be able to say no to her sexy pilot when he lives just next door!

Firstly, a massive, and I mean massive, thank you to the girls at The Hot Bed (Simon & Schuster) for sending me out a copy of this to review and asking me to be part of the blog tour for this book. Back when I started blogging I thought to myself, if I ever am lucky enough to receive book post from certain authors then I know blogging and all the hard work that goes into it behind the scenes will have been worthwhile. One of those authors was Colleen Hoover. I was over the moon to be asked to part of this blog tour and I hope I can begin to do the book the justice it’s due!

This story is all about main characters Tate Collins and Miles Archer. Tate moves to San Francisco to find a job and ends up having to deal with a drunk and disorderly Miles Archer who is blocking her apartment door. The morning after she finds out that Miles is actually a friend of her brothers and is actually quite good looking when he’s not crying on her couch.

I first read Hopeless, another of Colleen’s novels, last year and I absolutely fell in love with her writing. I loved how much emotion was written into the story, winding its way around and through the characters’ lives. As soon as I heard Ugly Love was being released I was desperate to read it. I absolutely loved the sound of the blurb and couldn’t wait to get started when it seemed to have a story line that I love. Although it might seem that this story is predictable the journey to the expected end was just fantastic.

The story is told from both Tate and Mile’s points of view. Tate’s chapters are set in the present day and Miles’ chapters are set six years ago. This contrast meant that you only get to experience all of Tate’s feelings towards Miles and their set-up first hand and get to experience Miles from the outside and from his actions and words.

The reflective chapters of Miles’ allow you to get into his personality and see just how great a guy he is. His story is sad and incredibly emotional and moving. The prose is structured poetically which adds to the whole romantic side of Miles’ personality. I loved the sharp and strong impact that this has on the story and on your investment into Miles’ story. I can’t say much more about it without giving away too much but he is such a great guy as well as being incredibly sexy and attractive and just the right side of moody.

I loved Tate’s character. I loved that she was out doing what she wanted and accepted the pseudo relationship that she had with Miles for what it was in the beginning. As I said part of the story is predictable but I absolutely fell in love with their relationship and Miles in the process. Their sex life was intimate and beautiful and that just increased throughout the story. The story itself and the characters journey together is developed well and I loved the chemistry they had. It was palpable and I especially loved their first kiss scene!

I literally did not put the book down and read it all in one sitting. This is one of those books that I’m going to wish and wish I could read again for the first time. I’ve only finished it at the weekend and I want to re-read it again.

Thanks again to The Hot Bed for inviting me to be part of the tour!

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  1. This book is one of my favorites, if not my favorite this year. I adored it - Colleen Hoover is brilliant! I'm glad to see you enjoyed it, too. Great review!


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