Saturday, 16 August 2014

Blog Everyday In August Challenge - Day 16

If you won the lottery...

The answer to this question varies really. It depends on the amount I might win!

If I won enough to live on for the rest of my life - probably anywhere over £2m, the first thing I would do would be give up work!

I'd then look in to helping family and my best friends with debt and mortgages and then I'd probably books us all off on holiday to Florida (my favourite place!). I'd buy myself a house, a nice car - because I do love nice cars - and make my life comfortable. I'd love to have a house where family and friends can come and stay and have parties in, with a kitchen big enough to hold everyone because usually everyone ends up there at a party!

If I won under £2m I would still give up work but I'd look into retraining. I'm an accountant just now but I've always fancied being a nurse too so I would try and look into that!

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