Friday, 12 September 2014

Review of If You Leave by Courtney Cole

The bit on the back…

Ex-army soldier Gabriel Vincent is a badass hero. Or he used to be. Home from Afghanistan, Gabe can't stop thinking about that one horrible night on the battlefield, a night that changed his life for ever. He knows he's messed up, but with the help of a little beer and a lot more women, he's keeping it together. Until he meets Madison Hill.

Madison is happily single - or so she thinks. After the tragic death of her parents, she took on the responsibility of running the family restaurant, and that's all she has time to worry about. Until she meets Gabriel.

Though they don't know realise it at first, Gabe and Maddy will soon develop a weakness: each other. They need to be together to be whole, but can they find a way to heal the past . . . before they lose each other?

Firstly, a massive thank you to Hodder & Stoughton for approving and sending me a copy of this book after I requested it via Bookbridgr. If you’ve seen my review of If You Stay, which is book 1 in Courtney’s Beautifully Broken series, you’ll know that I didn’t even know it was a series until I received this one! After buying If You Stay, and reading it in one sitting, I moved straight onto book 2.

This story is all about main characters Maddy Hill and Gabriel Vincent. We already know Maddy from the first book in the series as she is the sister of main character Mila and Gabriel is new to us. At least a year on from If You Stay we join Maddy as our new main character as she struggles to keep the memory of her parents alive through their restaurant The Hill. On a one off wild night out she meets our other main character Gabriel Vincent.

Just as with If You Stay, this story is told from both the main characters which I absolutely love. Gabriel has some of the same traits as Pax from the first book especially in respect of how he views emotions and feelings which almost felt reassuring in a way, that you were in for something just as great as the first book.

The first time the characters meet the chemistry is explosive. It more or less jumps off the page and smacks you right in the face. Gabriel is this gorgeous, sexy stranger who just screams sex god and Maddy is working all she has got to give off sexy vibes to match his. I loved their playful, flirty relationship and could see how that might play out through the rest of the story.

This story, although similar to the first book in that both characters have experienced tragedy is completely different when it comes to our leading man. Gabriel is an ex-army man and like many he has come home with PTSD. He has tried to deal with it himself but his demons get the better of him. I just felt incredibly sad for him, which I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want but I felt like it was time someone rescued him.

We already know what Maddy has been through and how much she’s had to shoulder from book 1. Having said that I think that’s made her character stronger and allows her to prop Gabriel up in the way he needs.

This book was even more emotional than the first with some more twists and turns which give you a little glimpse of what to expect in the next book. I finished this in one sitting too and I have absolutely fell for the writing style from this author. More please!

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