Saturday, 18 October 2014

Blog Tour! Review of Beneath the Moon and the Stars by Amelia Thorne

The bit on the back…

Home, sweet home…

Joy Cartier has been to some of the most beautiful places in the world – but none of them have ever felt like home. So moving into a tiny cottage in the idyllic village of Bramble Hill, walking distance from her childhood home, seems like the perfect plan.

That is, until she gets there. The surly inhabitants of Britain’s Friendliest Village are anything but welcoming. Even her neighbour, reclusive Hollywood star Finn Mackenzie, takes one look at her and walks in the other direction.

But when the village animosity steps up a gear, it is the infuriatingly brooding Finn who keeps coming to her rescue. Slowly Joy begins to realise that maybe a happy home isn’t about where you live, but who you’re with…

Firstly thank you to Amelia for sending me a copy of her debut novel to review and for inviting me to be a part of the blog tour! This is the story of Joy Cartier and her fresh start in the village of Bramble Hill.

I can safely say I really enjoyed this book. It’s a great debut from Ameila and I really loved the cover of it and its link with the story too.

Joy’s fresh start turns against her when the villagers seem not to be as friendly as she’s led to believe. I really liked Joy’s relationship with her friend Casey from the village over and really liked that she had an ally in him against all of the crap that comes her way. Casey’s best friends with Joy’s neighbour on one side and brother to her neighbour on the other side. Her relationships with the three men are fun to read, romantic and downright sexy in places. Throughout the story you read more about how awful things keep happening to Joy and you have a real empathy with her. In some parts the plot gets a bit wild and whacky when Joy has to face more and more grief from the villagers.

Sexy neighbour Finn and Joy’s relationship doesn’t get off on the best foot but it’s evident from the start that they have a chemistry. The narrative, although mainly from Joy does come from Finn in parts and little bits of his personality are revealed to the readers. I like this in a book and as there are quite a lot of secrets and mysteries flying about in this book it felt natural to discover more about Finn by reading from his POV.

A lot of the mystery in the story focuses on Joy’s career and as this is revealed bit by bit throughout the story it coincides with another mysterious sub-plot that’s running in the background which keeps you (and Finn) guessing. Towards the end of the book I found the sub-plot to be a little unrealistic for such a small village.

Overall I really enjoyed the writing in the story and I’m already looking forward to more like this from Amelia.

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