Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Book Blogger: 10 Things I Can't Live Without

There are certain things I can't live without when it comes to reviewing and blogging about books and I thought I'd share them with you!

1) My Book Shelf

I love my book shelves. The books are stacked two deep and starting to pile up in front of that too! I have been so lucky to receive book post from publishers and a lot of the books I have on my shelf are book post!

2) My iPad

I'm no good at reading paperbacks in bed before I go to sleep at night because I can't get comfy to hold them up! I much prefer to read using the Kindle app on my iPad before I go to bed and usually find that I will read for longer because I don't feel like I'm turning pages and it all becomes a blur.

3) Twitter

I have met so many book blogging and reader friends on Twitter since I started blogging! I can also blame it for the mounting TBR pile that I have! One of the other things I love about using Twitter is having the chance to chat with my favourite authors from all across the gloe.

4) My Diary

My friend Kirsten bought me a diary for my Christmas last year especially for my blog because she's a blogger too! I use it to keep track of every blog post I have up and to plan ahead! I love seeing the pages full up especially weeks in advance!

5) My TBR spreadsheet

To keep myself organised I have a spreadsheet (it's the accountant in me) with all the information on the books I've still to read! It lets me see at a glance how many are on it and how many I've read and it helps me keep track of publishing dates too!

6) My Laptop

Usually attached to my body as soon as I come home from work I do all my blogging from my laptop - I'd be distraught without it!

7) Paper

Notepads, notepads everywhere! I love a good notepad and I love writing lists too, usually lists of all the blogging things I have to do! I am particularly in love with my Kate Spade Escape The Ordinary journal

8) My Press Release Drawer

I am very grateful to all of the publishers who have sent me book post in the time that I've been blogging. I like to keep all of the press releases that I've been sent to remind me of all of the books!

9) My Giveaway Cupboard

As a thanks to everyone in the book community who has supported my in the time that I've been blogging I like to be able to give something back! I have a special cupboard just for giveaways!

10) My proofreader, my sounding board, my best friend.

Every review I write gets sent to my BFF first to make sure it makes sense before I post them! Thanks to a youth spent IM'ing my boyfrined I type like a machine and sometimes my fingers get ahead of my brain! Kirsty has her own blog which you can check out here.


  1. Really impressed with your organisation. I love the idea of a diary to keep track of blog posts, think I will add that to my christmas list!

    1. I really rely on it now to keep track of what's happening when, especially when I'm signing up to blog tours! I love seeing lots of spaces filled up for the month ahead too xx


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