Thursday, 2 October 2014

Review of The Affair: Week 1 by Beth Kery

The bit on the back…

Innocent yet unconventional hospice nurse Emma Shore has secured a new position at The Breakers, the sprawling mansion of enigmatic and dangerously handsome racecar billionaire Michael Montand. Hired as caretaker for Montand's stepmother, Emma expects few complications. But one night, lost in the mansion's maze of corridors, she comes upon a woman and a man she can't identify engaged in a raw, naked interlude of sexual subjugation. Silently, from the shadows, Emma watches - shocked, appalled, and unnervingly aroused.

But Emma wonders... if this mysterious stranger is not Montand, then who is it? And what other surprises are in store for her? Night after sleepless night, she's considering the possibilities. And for the first time in her life, she's not going to run away from them.

Firstly thank you to Headline for approving me for a review copy of this on NetGalley. The title and the cover are what drew me to the book and I’ve been enjoying quite a few serialised novels recently.

The story is about hospice nurse Emma who accidentally ends up with a front row seat to a mysterious stranger, who may or may not be her boss, and his partner in the throes of passion.

Emma’s character, as a hospice nurse, is caring and compassionate. She seems to be almost an old soul with a very wise view and take on the world. Her life experience has meant she’s had to grow up quite fast and it shows that that has moulded her into the character she is now.

The part of the story where Emma inadvertently witnesses Vanni and his partner in the midst of quite an erotic sex session is hot and gives you an idea of what any type of affair might entail. It’s a good teaser for the rest of the story. There is a bit of a side story running alongside Emma’s story in her relationship with her sister which I’m expecting to develop throughout the rest of the series.

At first I wasn’t sure what to expect as the title of the story sets you up to expect an affair between two characters but most of this instalment sets Emma’s character up for the reader and fills you in a bit on her personality and her situation. I guess this is the one downside of a reading a novel that’s serialised, in this case into weeks – week one is bound to have a lot of scene setting. I think on the upside of this though is that the beginning of the affair is merely hinted at which, I can assure you, has you ready to reach for the next instalment as fast as you can!

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