Monday, 20 October 2014

Review of Blurring The Line by Kierney Scott

The bit on the back…

When DEA agent Beth Thomson recruits ex-soldier Armando Torres as an undercover agent, she knows she has hit the jackpot.

He will infiltrate ‘Los Zetas’, one of Mexico’s deadliest cartels, and expose their drug-running into the USA. In turn, she promises to turn a blind eye to him finding and killing the rival cartel member who shot his best friend. Beth is good at overlooking the gruesome details of her job; her focus is the bigger picture – nailing ‘El Escorpion’, the mysterious and most-wanted leader of the ‘Los Treintas’ gang.

Torres soon climbs the cartel ladder, and has the tattoo markings to prove his loyalty. So when a secret meet with Beth goes wrong, his cover is strong enough for him to save her from his fellow gang members. His silence hints at the horrors he has performed to get him where he is, and his brutality and strength both scare and arouse Beth simultaneously. The heat between them is unprofessional and yet undeniable. But has he gone rogue? Can Beth trust him to put her mission before his own revenge? And can she trust herself with him?

Firstly thank you to Carina for approving me for a copy of this via NetGalley. This is the first book I’ve read by Kierney Scott and I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of The Firing Line series!
The story is all about DEA agent Beth and her undercover agent Torres as the infiltrate Mexico’s biggest drug gang.

The story starts with a burst of adrenaline and edge of your seat reading as Beth finds herself in a less than perfect situation with the drug gang she’s trying to bust. I wasn’t expecting the story to start with such a highly dangerous and intense scene and it sets the tone for the entire story. We are also introduced to Beth’s undercover agent in this first scene as he comes to her rescue in his undercover guise.

I really liked the chemistry between the two characters, both the forced and natural chemistry that flowed freely between them. I loved that Beth tried hard to be unaffected by Torres. His gentle teasing manner was completely at odds with his thuggish and scary exterior which was fun to read.

The adrenaline continues throughout the story as Beth and Torres find themselves having to be more covert than ever before. At this point you are sort of taken out of the eye of the storm where the drug cartel and all of the violence associated with that is concerned and the relationship between Torres and Beth comes to the fore.

It was obvious from the start that the plot would head in this direction in terms of their relationship but I really liked how dependant both characters were on the other. Their chemistry seems to explode between them and I really felt like they had a connection. Although the story with the drug cartel is still boiling in the background, family becomes much more important in the second half of the book.

The story is left on a cliff hanger which will have you eager to read the second book in the series as it did me – looking forward to it already.

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