Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Review of The Affair Week 2 by Beth Kery

The bit on the back…

Emma is unlike anyone he's ever known, fresh and surprising, sweet yet intensely sensual. He knew he shouldn't touch Emma but he's a Montand, after all. Strong sexual appetites and selfishness run in his blood- no matter how much he'd wish otherwise...for Emma's sake.

Emma can't help but feel somewhat compromised by the impulsive sexual tryst she shared with her billionaire employer but Emma has to admit...she wanted it. Besides, working in Montand's sprawling mansion as a hospice nurse to Montand's stepmother, Emma anticipated a few surprises. 
Still, she never expected what came next: an exquisite gift, an apology and a proposition - a sexual affair that promises to fulfill every fantasy Emma ever had. And a few she never dared imagine.
But a deathbed revelation from Montand's stepmother is about to shatter every illusion Emma had about her position at the Breakers, her future with Montand, and her own innocence.

This is the second instalment in Beth Kery’s The Affair series. To find my review of the first part click here.

The affair started at the very last gasp of part one and the kiss between Emma and her boss Michael Montland is only the prelude to a very intense and passionate night time beach sexcapade. Emma still isn’t sure if it was her boss that she accidentally played voyeur to when she hid in the first episode and there’s a bit of suspense throughout while you wonder if Michael is Vanni or not.

Emma’s client takes a turn for the worse and the emotions are heightened in this episode. I really like the writing throughout from this author and I am enjoying the undeniable passion between Emma and Michael. I was already looking forward to part 3 after reading this.

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