Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Review of Saving Grace by Jane Green

The bit on the back…

A perfect stranger wants her perfect life.

Grace Chapman has the perfect life, living comfortably with her husband, bestselling author Ted, in a picture-perfect farmhouse on the Hudson River in New York State.

Then Ted advertises for a new assistant, and Beth walks into their lives. Organized, passionate and eager to learn, Beth quickly makes herself indispensable to Ted and his family. But Grace soon begins to feel side-lined in her home - and her marriage - by this ambitious younger woman.

Is Grace just paranoid, as her husband tells her, or is there more to Beth than first thought?

Thank you to Macmillan for approving me for a review copy of this title via netgalley. I’ve been reading Jane Green books for years and I was over the moon to be approved for a review copy for Saving Grace, her latest novel.

I was completely disappointed and found that I couldn’t even finish this book.

The story centres round Grace Chapman and her hectic life. Her life looks perfect from the outside but isn’t anything like it on the inside.

I had quite high hopes for this book because it’s been maybe a year or so since I’ve read anything from Jane Green so I was looking forward to reading it. I found it hard at first to get into the storyline but didn’t know if that was just because I was getting used to Jane’s style again and nothing to do with the storyline itself. I persevered though.

I became more and more infuriated with the storyline the further it developed and started to find myself hating the characters. Grace’s perfect life is anything but and when I was reading it I often felt like giving her a good shake. She might be married to a bestselling author but she’s successful in her own right too so I couldn’t understand why she continued to be in the relationship.

I usually don’t find that I can’t relate to a character who is older than my own age but I really struggled here to relate to Grace in anyway. Along with her intolerable husband she really infuriated me.

The storyline is slow to develop but it becomes fairly evident where it’s heading and it really started to annoy me - so much so that I couldn’t continue reading this story. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t finish it because it’s really not like me to not to finish a book but at times while I was reading I actually felt sick with annoyance over the characters and storyline.

It won’t put me off reading more from Jane in the future but I definitely found it hard to correlate this to the likes of “The Life Swap” and “Jemima J”.

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