Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas Review! - Christmas In Venice by Joanne Walsh

The bit on the back…

Let it snow…?

Wasn’t she supposed to dream of a white Christmas? Right now, Ashlynne wishes the blizzards, ice and fog that have left her stranded in Venice would melt away. She’s facing a dreary holiday stuck at the airport—and she’s also run into her ex-husband.

Lorenzo di Grechi insists Ashlynne stay with him at his sumptuous palazzo apartment. He’s also promising her Christmas Venetian-style: eating, drinking, and visiting the seasonal markets and musical concerts that make the city so enchanting at this time of year.

She thought she’d moved on: laid the ghosts of their marriage which had ended so sadly and badly to rest, along with how passionately she’d loved him. But the sexual attraction between them is still as potent as ever, and he seems to have changed for the better, forcing her to question her belief that he’d cheated on her at a time when she’d needed him most.

Is this just some sort of Christmas magic at work? Or a real chance to forgive and rediscover her love for Lorenzo?

Firstly thank you Tule Publishing Group for approving me for a review copy of this title from NetGalley. This is the first I’ve read from Joanne Walshe and was drawn to the book by its title after visiting Venice for the first time in the summer.

The story is told from both Ashlynne and Lorenzo’s point of view which was an added bonus to the actual location of the story. Ashlynne is stranded at Marco Polo Airport thanks to the Christmas weather where she runs into her ex-husband. Cue awkwardness!

The awkwardness between the two characters is prevalent in the beginning of the story. The tiptoeing around each other and the subject of the couple they used to be. I liked the serendipitous meeting in the airport because it had an almost Christmas miracle feel to it and set the tone for the rest of the story.

The story is short and fast paced with a free-flowing writing style which let the characters do all the talking. It’s set over the short period of time over Christmas and I liked how the story only focuses on this short space of time to better develop the renewed feelings between the characters. Lorenzo sounds like a reformed man from the passive, distant husband he was before and even his name sounds gorgeous. I loved seeing the change in him through Ashlynne’s eyes and their rekindling romance.

The image of Venice at Christmas is the complete opposite of the sun-summer image I have in my head but it sounds absolutely beautiful. I loved the magical setting and it really lends itself to the whole Christmas miracle idea of the story especially with the legends you hear about the magic romance of Venice.

This is part of the Christmas Around The World series and the two that I’ve read so far mention a website called Bramble House which ties them all together but I’m not quite sure what the connection is yet because I’ve read them out of order – not that I think it matters. This is book four.

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