Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Review! A Yorkshire Christmas by Kate Hewitt

The bit on the back…

Wealthy New York City girl Claire Lindell isn’t looking for a Christmas miracle or happiness when she abruptly decides to hole up for the holiday at her godmother’s cottage in a little Yorkshire village, and lick her wounds from a near disastrous romantic decision.
After her car skids into a snow bank, Claire may have accidently found her perfect Christmas and the family and love she’s craved when she offers Noah Bradford of Ayesgill Farm help to push the back end of one of his sheep out of the icy mud, even if she’s going to ruin a brand new pair of Prada boots during the rescue.
What’s a little leather when love’s on the line?

Firstly thanks to Tule Publishing for approving me for a copy of this title via NetGalley. This is the 4th novella in the Christmas Around The World series that I’ve read although it is the 2nd in the series. You can check out the reviews of the other novellas by clicking the link below.

This story is about New Yorker Claire and Yorkshire farmer Noah and how the two come to spend the festive period together.

I really enjoyed this story, I think it’s probably my favourite from the series and that has a lot to do with the style of Kate Hewitt’s writing. I was also really pleased to see the reference to the Bramble Cottage blog which is something that has had a little cameo in each story linking them all together.
Claire and Noah meet when Claire’s rental car ends up in a snowy ditch meaning she’s stranded and the prospect of her peaceful Christmas for one is suddenly shattered.

The novella can easily be read in an hour and although it’s a short story that takes place over just a few days the progression of the story felt natural with the connection between the characters being obvious from the beginning and growing throughout the story.

There is a sub plot running throughout with Noah’s daughter and this really added to the overall family Christmas feel. I really loved the epilogue and how it tied the story together reinforcing the realism of the situation with a realistic timeline. I can definitely recommend this series, especially this story!

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