Thursday, 29 January 2015

A Note From The Author - Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg

The Little Old Lady is back on the blog again, this time with a note from the Author and a giveaway!

The bit on the back...

You're never too old to have some fun . . .

The little old lady is back! This time, Martha Andersson and her friends - the League of Pensioners - have left behind their dreary care home in Stockholm and are enjoying the bright lights of Las Vegas.
This is their opportunity for a new lease of life and they plan to make the most of it. But before long, they are up to their old tricks and with ingenious tactics, a pair of false teeth and a wheelchair each, they plot to outwit the security system at one of the casinos.

As their antics become more and more daring, Martha and her friends head back to Sweden full of ideas for more money making schemes. However, they aren't the only ones planning on stealing bucket loads of cash and soon find themselves pitted against a gang of dangerous criminals.

Can the group of elderly friends work together to outsmart the younger robbers and get away with their biggest heist yet? Or will this job be a step too far for The League of Pensioners?

A Note From The Author...

How do you react when you realise that your first book published in England  has become number one in the Heatseekers chart for books published in 2014? You scream with joy of course! Really!

The amazing thing is that The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules has it´s own life now. It has been on the bestseller lists across the world since September 2012.  And it feels like it lives it´s own lives in different languages. It is out of my control and I look at it and I am amazed! So far, The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules has sold to 25 countries and despite dreaming of writing a bestseller at lease once in my lifetime, this has gone far beyond my expectations.

Now I hope you will like my new book The Little Old Lady Who Struck Lucky Again! as well. In this book, tries to steal money in Las Vegas, meets a gang of bikers and attempts a bankrobbery. She does everything in order to get money to give to the poor. I am blessed because I am able to laugh out loud at my own writing, and now I hope you do the same.

I am now in the middle of my third book about the League of Pensioners. They are such a nice company. I love it when these five elderly people plot together for the good of others. Afterall, one cannot always follow the rules . . . and Martha would not be Martha if she did . . .

Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg

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