Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Christmas Baking Haul

If you saw my post yesterday you will already know I was spoiled tremendously when it came to beauty products for my Christmas but not only that I was also very lucky to get some really cool baking gifts that I can't wait to use! I am a big baking fan and took part last year in baking along with The Great British Bake Off but now I will be better prepared for this year!

As I've said I love baking and started to blog more about it last year. Although I bake fairly regularly my expertise mainly lies in very simple sponge cakes and proper Scottish shortbread! I absolutely cannot wait to get stuck into the latest GBBO recipe book and some of these gifts will definitely help me out! Here are a few close ups!

I think this must have been specifically designed with me in mind! As I mentioned, one of my specialties is making shortbread. As soon as shortbread is taken out of the oven sugar has to be sifted over it. Right now I use a miniature sieve but I always, and I mean always, get sugar everywhere - hence the reason this feels as though it was made for me! The easy design allows you to fill the sifters cup with your sugar/powder and the attachable sieve is easily twisted into place!

2) Brioche Moulds by Lakeland

I have been dying to get these for ages and Santa has swooped in and saved the day. When I was Christmas shopping in Newcastle we saw these in Lakeland. I have been eager to make brioche ever since watching GBBO and can't wait to get stuck in this year! These are also dishwasher safe which is great because I hate tidying up after leaving a trail of baking debris behind me!

3) Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin (Lakeland)

This is one of the most miraculous inventions ever! As I said I'm really only practiced in making sponge cakes and shortbread but I started to branch out with the GBBO baking challenge this year. I think one of the more technical things that I really struggled with (because my mum was busy) was measuring out the pastry correctly for the Tart Au Citron that I had a bash at. It was too thin in places and I had to push it into the tin to make sure it went all the way up the side. If I'd had this adjustable roller though I bet it would have been ten times easier! The rolling pin is smooth, solid wood so looks as though it will be hard wearing and easy to clean. It has measurements along the rolling pin so you can make sure you roll out to the length that you require but also has removable discs so you can make sure you are rolling out to the correct thickness too!

What is your favourite thing to bake? Do you have any "can't live without" baking tools or tricks? Let me know!

Erin xx

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