Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Release Day Review of Don't Deny Me Part 1 by Megan Hart

The bit on the back…

Alice and Mick had it all: the happy days, the heartfelt evenings, the hot, slow nights. But Mick couldn’t give her what she needed, and in a moment of crisis, they lost everything. Torn apart, Alice tries to pry him out of her life and move on—until a not-so-chance meeting at an old friend’s party brings them face-to-face once more. Now they’re talking again, Alice can’t escape the burning in her chest whenever he’s near, the way his eyes still follow her around the room…but she won’t repeat the mistakes of her past. Passion alone is nothing to build a life on. Or is it?

Firstly thank you to St Martin’s Press for approving me for a review copy of this title and the other parts in this mini romance serial.

This story is all about main characters Alice and Mick.

I haven’t read anything by Megan Hart before but I was drawn to both the cover and the fact that this was a mini-series which seems to be a trend in fiction right now.

The first part of their story takes place over the course of a weekend where they are both reunited properly after 10 years, through mutual friends. The reconnection is instant although we are not told very much about what happened between the characters to cause them to split up in the first place. So there is definitely a bit of mystery running throughout and I’m hoping all will be revealed later in the series.

The story is well written and captivating from the outset and throughout. This effectively ensures that I want to read onto part 2! The group of friends surrounding the two main characters each have their own stories as well as their parts in the lives of each main character although there is definitely more to be revealed.

If you enjoy serialised romance novels you should also check out The Affair by Beth Kery and Reasonable Doubt by Whitney Garcia.

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