Thursday, 8 January 2015

Review of On The Job by Beth Kery

The bit on the back…

Years ago, Walker and Madeline had a good thing going. They were young and impetuous, just a couple of kids indulging in the pleasures of a wild infatuation. But still, it meant the world to Madeline. And then, at the most vulnerable time of her life, when she needed him the most, he walked away.

Now, the ex-Secret Service agent is back to start his own security business. And Tony, his old friend and new billionaire client, has quite a proposition: protect his woman from threats against her life. The hitch? The woman in question is Madeline.

She's never forgotten Walker. And she's never forgiven him. Under the heat of the Lake Tahoe sun her sensual revenge begins. Making Walker pay will be a pleasure. But danger and desire make a combustible mix, and no one is prepared for the explosion.

I have been reading Beth Kery’s “The Affair” series and really enjoying it. It’s the first time I’ve read anything by this author but I really like the writing style so when I saw this was recommended for me on Amazon I one-clicked almost straight away.

This is a short novella about old flames Walker and Madeline.

The story starts off with a rather hot and illicit sex scene that sets the tone for the remainder of the story. If you’ve read anything by Beth before you will know she knows how to write a good sex scene and I loved that her female MCs seem to be quite feisty! Madeline is no exception to the rule here.

There is an intense connection between Madeline and walker that seems heightened by Walker’s position on his old friend’s security team.

Throwing together old friendships and passion the storyline is fast paced and will take you less than an hour to read.

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