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Blog Tour & Review of Once Loved by Cecy Robson

The bit on the back…

Every memory Lety Tres Santos has from her childhood comes with a scar—some emotional, some physical. Her father is an abusive drug addict, and her mother enables his destructive behavior. 

College offers Lety a fresh start . . . until her father finds a way to ruin that, too. Now, after losing her scholarship to kick off junior year, Lety must somehow stay in school, pay tuition, and turn a deaf ear to the whispers that follow her. And she intends to do it all without Brody Quaid’s help.

Brody is a lacrosse star, a 4.0 student—and as a freshman, he fell hard for the beautiful and spirited Lety. But their relationship crashed and burned because he couldn’t break through the walls she’s put up around her heart. With Lety hurting more than ever, Brody strives to win her back and make her believe in real love and true partnership. That will mean opening up secrets locked away in his own past—and trusting someone more than he’s ever dared.

Lety knows how painful it can be to depend on the wrong man. She also knows how much Brody wants to do this the right way. But it takes more than sizzling desire to move on and build a future together.

Firstly thank you to Love Swept (Random House) for approving me for this title via NetGalley and also thank you to Lisa at Tasty Book Tours for allowing me to take part on the blog tour for this release.

This is the second book in Cecy Robson’s Shattered Past series. I read the first book, Once Perfect, last year and you can find the review here.

The story is all about Lety Tres Santos. Lety is a secondary character from the first book who becomes the main character of this story. She is the narrator throughout and I actually found that I really liked reading from her perspective. She is hard working and caring but she has a very tough and feisty personality too. She stands up for herself and her past has a big part to play in that.

If you’ve read Once Perfect you will know that she is Mateo’s younger sister and you will know about her rocky past concerning her abusive father. I think her past, coupled with her hard working nature really makes Lety easy to like and also to empathise with. You read the story almost willing the best for her. She’s trying to make a go of college and take the opportunity she’s been given by storm despite her past and the fact that it keeps dragging her back down.

Once Loved takes part some time after Once Perfect. Lety and her ex-boyfriend Brody are reunited in the new university term. Brody did star alongside Lety in Once Perfect and he seemed like the perfect boyfriend then. In this book he seems like he is the perfect guy again, even though Lety is determined that she is not good enough for him. Brody has his own family secrets to rival Lety’s though and I definitely didn’t expect the story to take the turn that it did.

One thing that annoyed me a little about the writing in Once Loved was the references to the difference between Evelyn and Mateo’s race and how I felt it was overplayed. Thankfully for me it didn’t appear too much in this story. As the story unfolds Evie and Teo have cameo roles and I loved catching up with them and their lives.

I actually think I prefer the second book in the series to the first. I would definitely recommend this to you if you enjoyed Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire.

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CECY ROBSON is the New Adult and Contemporary author of the Shattered Past series, and the award winning author of the Weird Girls Urban Fantasy Romance series. A self-proclaimed professional napper, Cecy counts among her talents a jaw-dropping knowledge of useless trivia, the ability to make her hair big, and a knack for breaking into song, despite her family’s vehement protests. A full-time writer, registered nurse, wife, and mother living in the South, Cecy enjoys spending time with her family and silencing the yappy characters in her head by telling their stories.

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