Sunday, 1 February 2015

Last Week I...

Two weeks ago I didn't bother posting a "Last Week I..." post because not very much happened! Our exciting but secret news continued to bubble away in the background and and boyf and I spent most of the week to-ing and fro-ing over stuff but that all still remains a secret project! 

This week though there was much more going on! So from left to right, top to bottom last week I...

Ex On The Beach 2 started this week and next to Geordie Shore it is one of my favourite trashy TV shows. I'm already fed up of the word "naughty" though! I'm looking forward to my long time Geordie fav Gaz joining the house and I'm also on tenterhooks waiting on the return of Psycho Charlotte! I'm still keeping up with CBB too but the sooner Perez goes home the better! #CalumToWin! 

Yesterday I was out in Glasgow with my sister to celebrate the end of her first lot of University exams and anything else really that we could shake a shot of tequila at! Tequila was the main theme of the day yesterday and that all started off with a Margharita in the new Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow. The restaurant lives up to the usual expectations of great food, good music and helpful, friendly staff. The only let down was going back out onto a cold Buchanan Street instead of into the Florida heat outside our most frequented Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Studios Orlando! 

Reading-wise this week I've been trying to get throught quite a lot. I think the total stands near 4 or maybe 5. Although that does mean I have a bit of a review back log it does mean my TBR is looking a bit better! Beautiful Redemption came out this week and it's the second book in Jamie McGuire's Maddox Brothers series. I loved it! I read it in less than 24 hours. 

I'm nearly finished with The Two of Us by Andy Jones which is kind of a backwards love story but I'm really enjoying it so far. The book is out this month.

Another book out this month is Playing With Fire by Kat Black. This is Kat's second novel and is the sequel to Melting Ms Frost. Definilty two books to read if you like a good book boyfriend!

Other things going on this week include trying out some of the sample products from my December and January BirchBox boxes and the return of snow. I love snow because it's pretty and sparkly but I also hate it because it makes driving to work a bloody nightmare! If someone just made Tarmac impervious to it the world would be a much happier place!

What have you been up to this week? Do you have a weekly wrap up post? If you do share the link in the comments so I can have a nosey!

Have a good week

Erin xx


  1. I had no idea Gary and Charlotte would be on Ex on the Beach. I'll have to give that a watch, i'm a little bit in love with Geordie Shore! I wish I could read books as fast as you, i'd be half way through my book goals for this year by now if I could haha. I really enjoyed this post idea, might have to give it a go myself!

    Rebecca xx

    1. I love Gary/Charlotte drama even though it breaks my heart when Charlotte cries over him! I feel like I need to read faster haha!

      If you do have a go at this type of post make sure you send me a link!

      Erin xx


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