Monday, 16 February 2015

Last Week I...

Originally this post was going to be a Sunday post but we are totally over looking that right? Has everyone had a good weekend? I did, then a relatively good Monday until I had to go to the dentist and now I feel like I have one of those cartoon tongues that I have to roll up to put it back into my mouth! Anyway, here's what I got up to last week...

So last week I took a trip with my parents and my boyfriend to our favourite local restaurant. It's an Italian called Prego and is a family run business. We've been going there for years, since the owners opened their first restaurant in the next town over from us and then opened a restaurant in my town. Every time we have a celebration we book a table. This last week we were celebrating me (yay go me) being made permanent in the post I had been promoted to on a secondment basis. So that was exciting! It was also sort of a last supper because I started dieting last Monday boooo...

OH and I decided to give Son's of Anarchy a proper go and over the last week we've watched the first 10 episodes. It's a bit different to anything I would usually watch but I'm definitely branching out. I am a little bit in love with Charlie Hunnam (an old flame from his Green Street days) and I've also developed a bit of a girl crush of Katey Sagal who plays Charlie's character's mum.

Incase you hadn't noticed it was Valentine's Day this week and my lovely boyfriend treated my to a card from him all about him (top left) but he made up for it was a bottle of sparkling wine! Samantha Young, one of my favourite authors, brought out an On Dublin Street Valentine's novella called Valentine funnily enough. This novella features stories from each of the 6 couples from the series about how they spend V-Day. Fifty Shades of Grey came out this week too and my bestie Kirsty and I went to see it on Friday night. Both of us came away having enjoyed the film but as with most book adaptions we felt there was something missing! What did you think of the film?

I received my February Pink Parcel box (although it did not arrive in time for it's purpose) and I'm really excited to get trying the Make Up Academy palette of 12 eye shadows. I also had my first midweek manicure of the new year - look out for that post in a couple of weeks.

Cathy Bramley's novel Ivy Lane was released in paperback this week and I was lucky enough to receive a copy!

Finally, my favourite picture, is the picture of Kirsty's baby Logan. How cute is that face! Check Kirsty's blog out here.

Did you do anything exciting this week? If you have a similar post please share the link in the comments! 

Erin x

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