Thursday, 26 February 2015

Release Day Review! Playing With Fire by Kat Black

The bit on the back…

The steamy story of Annabel Frost and Aidan Flynn continues … Can you handle the heat?

Before Aidan Flynn had swept into her life with the destructive force of a wildfire, Annabel Frost had thought she'd had all she needed from her life. A successful career, financial independence, emotional restraint. Things that were safe, secure, steady. Everything her childhood hadn't been.

Aidan represented none of that. Reckless and risky he'd been the red hot flame that melted the icy layers of her long-frozen heart. Having run from him once, Annabel should have learnt to leave trouble well enough alone.

But now Aidan is back, turning up the heat. And regardless of the danger of getting herself badly burned, Annabel can't seem to resist the temptation to play with this particular fire.

Firstly, thank you to Kat Black and Avon for inviting me to view an ARC of this title on NetGalley. I read Melting Ms Frost last year and fell head over heels for sexy Irishman Aidan Flynn and found a brand new author to fan girl over! You can read my review of Melting Ms Frost here.

I was soooooo so looking forward to reading this and it completely did not disappoint. To answer the question in the blurb – “Can you handle the heat?” BARELY! I love love love Aidan Flynn with his sexy Irish accent and sexy Irish words spoken throughout the story to raise the hairs on the back of both yours and Annabel’s neck! Their story so far has been a turbulent rollercoaster of emotions and feelings – all of the sexy feels – and drama. Annabel really tries to live up to her frosty demeanour but the heat emanating from Aidan makes that hard.

The story picks up from where it left off just after Annabel’s run in with her mum’s ex-partner. Aidan came to Annabel’s rescue and has come back again to show her that he’s the real deal. Aidan, for all he is sexy and his intensity can be seen as intimidating, is a genuinely caring person with a kind heart. He wants to look after Annabel and care for her but she’s trying hard not to have any of it.

The story is set between London and Ireland where Aidan is trying to live out his dream of converting a run-down building into a hotel and refurbishing its neighbouring distillery. The story takes a brief dalliance in Monaco and I loved this part of the story. It’s only one weekend but allows for utter escapism. A few years ago I went to Monaco as part of a cruise and since then reading about it in books really brings the glamour alive. This part of the story was not short on glamour but it was definitely high on the heat. Aidan pushes Annabel’s boundaries and fully explores them in Monaco making it pretty memorable.

While their sex life plays a major part in this story, the relationship that Aidan and Annabel have here grows from beginning to end. I love how Aidan is always wholly there for Annabel and how it the story forces the tables to turn on Annabel.

The epilogue hit the nail on the head although it also confirmed that, alas, Aidan Flynn will never actually be mine boohoohoo! I loved this Kat, I can’t wait to read more from you!

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