Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Midweek Manicure!

This is my second Midweek Manicure post of 2015 and if you caught my first you'll know that this is a regular feature over on my friend Emsy's blog which you can check out here. I'm always intrigued to see how she's going to decorate her nails next and here is her most recent St Patrick's Day inspired post.

This week's Midweek Manicure features three nail polishes which were new to me. The first (left to right) is Amethyst by Models Own. I received this in one of my first Birchboxes and decided to give it a go. The second in the line up below is in Crystal Clear by Collection Cosmetics and the third is Mulberry by B. which is exclusive to Superdrug.

Now as you will know none of my Midweek Manicures can be complete without the most important component - the nails! I am a terrible nail biter and have been since I was little (I know, it's a shocking habit but I just can't seem to shake it off!) but I find Nailene's uncovered nails in short square completely transform my hands!

To complete this look I used Mulberry as a base, which I found needed two coats to make the colour deep enough on the nails - particularly around the sides. I love this colour. It's quite wintery looking and it reminds me of a nail polish by Virgin Vie that I used to have ages and ages ago. The price is £4.99 but because I bought it on a 2 for 1 offer I got it at a bargain price!

I then decided to add a bit of sparkle on the fourth nail on each hand with the Amethyst. First of all I really love the bottle of polish itself here. The top is covered in a deep purple coloured felt-type material which really makes the bottle stand out among my other nail polishes. The glitter through the polish is really sparkly and will suit either any party or night out that you are due to attend!

I finished the whole look with a top coat of the Collection Crystal Clear to make the polish extra shiney and hard wearing!

I'd love to know if you have a favourite nail polish or go to brand! Or if you have any nail art posts - direct me to them in the comments!

Erin x

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