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Review and Giveaway! The Secrets Sisters Keep by Sinead Moriarty

The bit on the back…

The Devlin sisters rely on each other - but some things are just too painful to share, even when your sisters are your best friends ...

Mum-of-four Julie thought that if her family had more money, life would be easier. But now that they've inherited a fortune, her problems are only starting.

Lawyer Louise is used to having life go exactly as she wants it to. So accepting that she cannot control everything in her world is beyond her.

And former model Sophie can just about cope with getting older - that's until her ex-husband finds a younger model.

All three women think that some battles are best fought alone. Maybe they need to think again ...

Firstly thank you to Penguin for approving me for a review copy of this title via NetGalley. This is the first book I’ve read  by Sinead but I’ve already had a look at her other titles to see what I will be reading next!

This story is about the three Devlin sisters.

At first I found it quite difficult to get my head around the different family members of the Devlin family. There are the parents, three sisters and one brother plus their respective husbands, partners and children. All of these names make for a hectic first few chapters but looking back it serves to reinforce the busy lives of each of the sisters.

As I said the three Devlin sisters are the focus of the story – Julie, Louise and Sophie. Each of their stories are different are interwoven as they are all so integrated in each other’s family situation.

Louise seemed quite stand offish and brash getting to the point straight away. Carrying on with these personality traits she felt almost militant in both her work life and in her role as a mother. I felt like it would be least likely that I would relate to her and I found her manner quite off putting in the beginning. I ended up feeling sorry for Louise though because her controlling nature really comes up against it in this book.

Julie is a mother of four and completely overtaken by her life. Her family has come into money and instead of solving all their problems it starts to create more for Julie. I got the feeling she was really stressed and unhappy throughout the book but I was really cheering for Julie the whole way through.
The third sister, Sophie, is also a busy mother to her daughter Jess - busy but unhappy with her life as a 40 something divorcee. Sophie’s had it all and lost it and appears to be on the opposite side of life to both her sisters. Struggling with her daughter and only just getting back on her feet and debt free after her marriage breakdown.

The narrative comes from the three sisters in turn which allows you to see the story of each individual sister and the views of the other sisters. I think the narrative switching between each sister made it harder to get into the who’s who at the start but after getting to know each of them as individuals it was definitely worth getting my head around it.

Once I got my who’s who straight I really started to get into this story and found it to be quite the page turner. Sinead’s style really reminded me of Jane Green who has been a favourite of mine for quite a while. I’ve mentioned this before, but there is something completely compelling about Irish fiction. I don’t know what it is, just something that hooks its claws into you and keeps your attention throughout a story. This was no different. 

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