Thursday, 12 March 2015

Review of At His Service Pt 4 by Suzanne Rock

The bit on the back…

Leo Perconti's life is spinning out of control. As head of his family’s hotel conglomerate, it’s his job to save his family from bankruptcy. At the centre of his turmoil is Karin Norell, a quiet, alluring housekeeping manager who compliments his dominating personality and lets him feel in control once more.

As Karin explores her passion her feelings for Leo deepen. Unfortunately, Karin and Leo come from different worlds, and when the two worlds collide, the cost can be devastating. As the service staff at The Palazzo rise up against the Perconti family, both Leo and Karin are faced with losing what each of them holds most dear. Together they must learn that true power comes from vulnerability and trust that can only happen when you let your insecurities go.

Firstly a final thank you to St Martin’s Press for approving me for a copy of this miniseries via NetGalley.

This is the end of the series and the final instalment in the story of Karin and Leo. At the end of the third instalment all was not well as the hotel’s problems finally came between the characters.

Both characters have a sense of loss about them in the opening chapters of this instalment and I was a little annoyed with how Leo handled the situation. The 4th episode shows the family uniting and putting their best foot forward to save their family and we see Leo trying to win Karin’s affections back.

The story ended on an odd cliffhanger which makes me feel like there could be a follow on story.
Overall this series is seriously hot with a good story to prop it up. The fact that the narrative is well written and flows between both characters allows you to invest yourself in the story and get to know both characters quickly. Throughout the chemistry and heat between the characters is evident and I loved how the hotel setting lent itself to the story.

If you’ve finished this series and are looking for something similar you could try The Affair by Beth Kery or Reasonable Doubt by Whitney Garcia.

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