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#TBThursday - Archive Review of Losing It by Cora Carmack

The bit on the back…

Love. Romance. Sex. There's a first time for everything...

As far as Bliss Edwards can tell, she's the last virgin standing, certainly amongst her friends. And she's determined to deal with the 'problem' as quickly and simply as possible.

But her plan for a no-strings one night stand turns out to be anything but simple. Especially when she arrives for her first class and recognises her hot new British professor.

She'd left him naked in her bed just 8 hours earlier...

Right, I suppose I should start off with why I read this book in the first place. Twitter is a great place to find new books and new authors. Other book bloggers were always tweeting about Cora so I started to follow here. Her profile picture was of her book, the third in the series – the one which as I type this I am in the middle of, Finding It. I can usually judge if I’m going to want to read the book by it’s cover, and this was one of those times where I knew just by looking at it, I wanted to read it.

So I downloaded Losing It, forgetting my abundant TBR and abandoning the TWO books I’m already in the middle off!

Losing It is about MC Bliss Edwards, she is in the final stretch of her college course and is currently the owner of one thing that all of her friends have given away – her virginity. She is determined to find herself, and lose this one last piece of adolescence before the college term is over. She gets close to conquering the challenge when she meets British Garrick in a local bar, but when it turns out Garrick is her tutor for her final classes, she’s immediately glad she didn’t do the deed.

I loved Bliss from the start, I’m just going to put that out there. I loved how shy and reserved she was, but I also loved how equally determined she was to accomplish this one thing that she felt was holding her back. When Bliss firsts meets Garrick she thinks she is on to a winner. In him, she thinks she has found a no strings attached one night stand to help her divest herself of her virginity. It all gets too much for her as she realises exactly what she is about to do and puts a stop to it. Her situation is not unique, and as this is a New Adult romance novel there could potentially be lots of older teenagers – young 20s facing the same, I don’t want to use the word problem, but, dilemma and it’s something absolutely everyone goes through at some point in their life. Bliss’s situation makes it really easy to identify with her, and imagine yourself in her shoes, or relive the whole experience again.

After shooing Garrick out of her flat that night, Bliss goes to college only to discover that he is going to be her tutor for her last classes at college. Garrick struck me right from the beginning as polite and charming, but with a bit of a naughty streak. He is older than Bliss which gives him this exciting edge and also suggests some more experience in matters of the heart.

The tension crackles between both characters as soon as they see one another again, you can almost feel the static coming off the pages (or kindle, or iPad). The more they try to avoid one another the more they are pushed together and the inevitable happens, the tension becomes too much and they finally begin to act upon their feelings. I love the romance that pulsed through this story, the feelings each character has for the other are really prominent. Even though the story is only told from Bliss’s point of view, the dialogue she has with Garrick and her perspective of his actions let you know how he is feeling.

There are a few other supporting characters, Cade and Kelsey, Bliss’s best friends. I kind of thought Cade was like a big puppy dog, happy to be friends with everyone but a bit sappy, and I didn’t really have that much love for Kelsey. Her outgoing attitude seemed to contradict Bliss’s and at this point I was team Bliss all the way!

This is a great book, absolutely full of romance and the style that Cora has written it with is so appealing and funny and so makes it very easy to read and enjoy, almost as if Bliss was telling me the story directly and not through the pages of a book.

Loved it.

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