Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Beauty: Brows for Beginners - Tips from a Beginner

Ok guys, confession time! Until August last year, that red bird from Angry Birds had more eyebrow game than me.

How, I hear you asking, did I manage to go 24 years without touching my eyebrows? Here is the reason. I had two (great start, so much better than one) and I am a massive wuss. Pain threshold is like -10 especially when it comes to inflicting it on myself. Bikini wax - walk in the park! Plucking one's brows? Not so much.

I decided to put my big girl pants on and pluck (see what I did there?) up the courage to sort out my brows just before I was due to attend a wedding. I left until a couple of days before, to make sure my make up wouldn't irritate my freshly plucked brows, and was astounded by the difference a few tweaks here and there had made. I was no professional plucker back then so I didn't want to go completely crazy but I was amazed at such a subtle difference.

Since then I've been regularly making my eyebrows a real shape, well trying anyway, and have started to sample a few products that I've found. As with so many things these days when your looking for instructions on how to do something (from shaping brows to folding dough) YouTube is absolutely the way to go. I've watched tonnes of videos trying to pick up hints and tips for the best way to go about grooming my eyebrows and have managed to pick up a few tricks along the way.

I am much more comfortable with the shape of my brows now and I thought I would share my "Brows for Beginners - Tips from a Beginner" with you all.

Here are my essentials -

1. B. Defined Eyebrow Kit - I picked this little beauty up on a special offer from Superdrug. It was on a 3 for 2 offer so I bought nail polish and an eye shadow primer at the same time. It's £9.99 on it's own and contains setting wax, highlighter and two brow colours. I went for the palette in "light" because I was a bit unsure as to what was going to suit me.

2. Tweezers - obvious right? Also a Superdrug purchase. These are slanted tweezers and I find it really easy to grasp hairs with this pair. 

3. Scissors - don't worry I don't do anything daft!

Now for the horrific looking "before" picture, bearing in mind I had let my brows grow out a bit specifically for this post!

(I know, bleugh)

So, of all of the videos I've watched here is the usual routine I follow to get to the picture at the end of this post...

1. Learn the shape!

"How do I know I'm getting the shape right?" was a panicked question I asked myself often. As a guide in the past I have used the handle of a make up brush to reassure myself! Holding the make up brush near the ferrule with the handle pointing towards your hairline, line it up with the side of your nose. Straight up should be where your eyebrow starts. Moving the brush handle diagonally, align it with your pupil and this should be where your eyebrow shape changes and starts to taper towards the outside. Move the handle further diagonally until it is lined up with the outside corner of your eye, this is where your eyebrow should end. Or so I've garnered when I've been trawling through the internet. This is a handy guide and it helps to keep both sides even, especially if you're a beginner because it also gives you a starting point. 

2. Apply setting wax from the B. Defined palette to determine the exact direction your brows grow in. This also really helped me to decide what the natural shape of my eye brow was, tapering off toward the outer corner. 

3. Once you have applied the wax you should be able to see where there are hairs not following the direction of growth or where they fall below or outwith the natural shape. I am always conscious of not over doing it so I try to do both brows at the same time to try and keep them even.

4. At this point you should have achieved the shaping of your brow. I usually have so I must be doing something right. Now I would take a spoolie (there is one on the other end of the little brush in the B. Defined palette) and brush your brow upwards. This will show you where there are any longer hairs and will allow you to CAREFULLY trim along the top line of your eyebrow. You will see from my before pic that I have longer hairs towards the outside of my eyebrow and I find that the slightest of trims really makes a difference. 


The pic below also includes shading with the Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pen (full review coming). Two marginally shaped brows! I am in no way finished learning about shaping my eyebrows so if you have a tutorial post, or any tips I'd love to see them!

Erin xx

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