Monday, 6 April 2015

Beauty on Erin's Choice

Over the last few weeks I decided I wanted to write a little blog post about why I've started to blog about beauty on Erin's Choice.

I posted my first beauty post on the 12th of February 2014. It was a while until my next one in September 2014. In September I decided that I wanted to start featuring some beauty posts on my blog more regularly. The reason for this? I love make up. I love trying different products and I love trying out different brands.

I will make one tiny disclaimer right now. I don’t wear make up every day. The reason? I just don’t have the time in the morning before I go to work, considering I can barely get up on time to dry my hair as it is. I do love to wear make-up if I’m going out on a night out and at the weekend. Anything from a simple, fresh look to an oldie but a goodie – smokey eyes.

I was in Florida in the summer last year (was it really nearly a year ago now?!) and added quite substantially to my make-up collection due to a number of brands being cheaper in America and it was my birthday so my boyfriend also treated me to a few things. My favourite of the products I brought back from America is undoubtedly my Urban Decay Naked 3 eye shadow palette. I really love Urban Decay but Naked 3 knocks it out of the park completely. The shades are gorgeous and are really long lasting too.

My greatest make-up vice is eye shadow and I have quite a few palettes to choose from. Since deciding to branch out and post about some of the products I love or have been sampling I’ve signed up to a monthly beauty box (see the unboxing posts on the Beauty section of my blog) and have been more willing to stray from my usual go to products – particularly in the mascara and foundation stakes.

Books will always be my thang but beauty is something that I naturally enjoy in the same way that I have a passion for baking. I am not out to get free samples or increase my blog stats, because really, who cares? My blog is my hobby not my job. The one aim I have is for my beauty posts to inspire others to try new products, to share my views on products I love or don’t quite like and to join another blogging community and learn from other’s experiences.

One thing I’ve learned about blogging is that there is a wide network of like-minded people out there just waiting to have a chat about their interests. Beauty is another one of mine – so why not join in?

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