Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Beauty: Review of YrNails Transfer

One thing I absolutely love is having my nails done. I am a terrible nail biter (I know, I'm nearly 25, WTF) so I use Nailene's short square uncovered nails instead! At the end of last year I purchased some nail decals, or transfers, from Amazon of all places. It's bad enough that it feeds my book habit but now it's feeding my beauty habit too!! Anyway... the products I bought were by a company called YrNails - check out their website here. They have a huge range of nail decals and they ship world wide.

I bought three different decals on Amazon for £5.85 - £1.95 per decal.

The three decals I bought were butterflies, bows and love. With the decals you get a set of really easy to follow instructions and two tester transfers. 

When I say really easy instructions I mean really easy. All you do is soak the transfer in warm water for a short time, remove it and dab it dry then slide the transfer from the backing paper onto your nail. The instructions advise you to leave a little around the edge of the decal to allow you to position it. You can trim off the excess once you have positioned it on your nail. I did this when I was putting the decal onto my left hand because using scissors with my right hand is no problem! I trimmed it much neater when I was preparing it to be put onto my right hand because there was no way I was going to be able to trim the edges without trimming my finger! It's slightly challenging with your less dominant hand but I did manage to get it into position and looking great! 

I really love this simple method to achieve a really professional looking effect. Girls in the office were commenting on how fancy they looked - cue show off smile! 

Here is a picture of my most recent bow decal nail art and you can check out my full midweek manicure post here.

Do you have any nail art posts I can check out? Make sure you to leave me a link!

Erin xxx

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