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Blog Tour! Review and Giveaway of The Doris Day Vintage Film Club by Fiona Harper

The bit on the back...

Claire Bixby grew up watching Doris Day films at her grandmother’s house and yearned to live in a world like the one on the screen – sunny, colourful and where happy endings with chiselled leading men were guaranteed. But recently Claire’s opportunities for a little ‘pillow talk’ have been thin on the ground. 

Until she meets mysterious Dominic. Nic is full of secrets but their connection is instant. Could he help Claire finding the Hollywood ending she’s been searching for? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…

Firstly thanks to Cara at Harlequin for sending me a copy of this to review and for inviting me to take part in this blog tour. This is the first book of Fiona's that I've read, but the cover completely drew me in its so pretty and perfect for spring!

This story is all about main character Claire. Claire is a Doris Day fan and has been successfully running her late grandmothers fan club from the upper room of her local pub. Life has dealt her a pretty crappy hand and recently the only guys she's been seeing are Doris's co-stars - cue Dominic Arden!

As I said this is the first book of Fiona's I've read but I found her writing really easy to get into and it felt easy to get swept up in Claire's story. Claire's a travel agent specialising in romantic breaks for happy couples which is the complete opposite of her own romantic situation. Claire's unlucky in love and has had some ups and downs with her family but her strength of character is a testament to how well she has came through it all. 

The narrative is told in a dual POV between Claire and Dominic - Nic - Arden. As the blurb suggests Dominic is full of secrets and what at first was quite funny knowing something that Claire didn't, it soon made me feel annoyed at Nic on her behalf. I felt like he was in need of a good woman in his life, just like Claire, to help him settle down, but didn't like that he kept his secrets secret for so long! 

There was a sub plot throughout where Claire and the girls from the film club helped out a younger member and I couldn't help but feel like this was a kind of "what would you tell your younger self" type of situation that helped Claire to put her own life in perspective.

I found this to be quite a page turner and I really enjoyed the Doris Day theme with the chapters being named after her films too. I've never seen a Doris Day film but I think it's about time that I did! I will also be keeping my eye out for more of Fiona's work! I think you'll enjoy this if you like Paige Toon, Sheila Roberts and Sarah Morgan. 

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