Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Favourite Series

You might have caught my post on Friday about the new feature I'm planning to run about favourite book series! A few blogger friends have answered one question - "What is your favourite book series and why?"

I featured a couple of ladies in my intro post on Friday which you can check out here and I have some more up today!

"Flowers In The Attic. Read in the 80's, it was so totally different to anything else I'd ever read, shocking incest, four children locked in an attic whilst a mother partied! Virginia Andrews created characters that messed with your mind - disturbing yet compelling reading." - Dawn @ Crooks On Books

"The All Souls Trilogy from Deborah Harkness - it combines vampires & witches (my two favourite paranormal sub-genres) with history and mystery." - Rebecca, Author of A Time Apart

"It would have to be the Divergent Series because they were the first YA dystopian books I read and they got me hooked into reading more YA and dystopian books" - Natalie @ Nat's Reading Cloud

"Probably The Maze Runner series. It completely captured my imagination and I was on the edge of my seat." - Charlene

"Geek Girl by Holly Smale. Harriet is such a relatable character and I love following her adventures as a teen model. I adore them for a nice easy read." - Tish @ Tishylou's World

"I don't read many series, I prefer stand alone novels, but I loved the Blood of Eden series by Julie Kagawa because I love the vampire genre. It was brilliantly written and 1000% different from Twilight. It's three books and a novella, I'd thoroughly recommend." - Emma, Author of The Awakening

"My favourite book series is Riders/Rivals/Polo by Jilly Cooper. It has everything - hot men, intrigue, lots of steamy scenes and a great plot." - Jo @ Comet Babe's Books

"I found choosing a book series exceptionally hard, so many amazing books sprang to mind and honestly I wanted to pick them all, but then I thought about a book that was with me at a time I needed it the most, a book that introduced me to a series that is full of HOT bookboys and romance that is deep rooted. I may get caught out on a technicality because it appears to ave now merged into two series' but ladies and gents I am madly in love with The Maddox Brothers (also from the Beautiful series). Travis, Trenton and Thomas are men that love with such intensity and it is the reason that this series by Jamie McGuire is my favourite." - Kirsty @ The Love of a Good Book

Thank you to everyone who has taken part! I can't wait to bring you some of my favourite series' and author interviews over the course of the next few weeks with my...

Erin xx

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