Friday, 10 April 2015

Feature Friday #2: Favourite Series - Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker

Since I started blogging, and started paying a bit more attention to my Amazon recommendations I have seen the covers of K.A. Tuckers Ten Tin Breathes series repeatedly. I read another of Tucker's books in September last year and felt completely hooked on her characters and her writing so decided to get stuck into Ten Tiny Breaths pretty soon after.

The series starts with the eponymous first novel and consists of three further novels and a novella. You can read my reviews of the novels by clicking on the links below...

In the first novel we are introduced to the characters who will come to feature in the series. Each book is about a different character which I really liked. Sometimes I feel like a series can run out of steam when it follows only one character so by switching to a new character each time it kept it fresh and interesting and also kept you clued in on the progression of the previous characters as you read on. The first two books are told from the female protagonist's POV, sisters Kacey and Livvy, and the third and fourth books have a dual narrative between the male and female MCs. This was a real plus for me because it's one of the things I enjoyed most about K.A. Tucker's writing style in the first book I read (Burying Water). Each story is different and although they follow a similar, formulaic plot the journey from beginning to end is different in each one. My favourite from the series has to be the fourth book, Five Ways To Fall because I absolutely adore Ben's character.

I've still to read the novella In Her Wake which is Trent's (from Ten Tiny Breaths) story. I still feel a bit raw from Kacey's story so will give it a little bit longer before I go back to it.

I would thoroughly recommend this series to fans of Jay Crownover, Michele Leighton and Samantha Young.

Have you read this series? Which book is your favourite?

Erin xx

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