Friday, 17 April 2015

Feature Friday #3 The Beautiful Series by Christina Lauren

Friday again! This has felt like the longest week in the world! It's been the first full week I've worked due to holidays or courses over the last 7 or so weeks so it's been pretty full on! I'm looking forward to having a relaxing weekend this weekend but know it's not likely to happen as two weeks today I'm moving house so I have lots of packing I should be doing!

This week's Feature Friday is all about Christina Lauren's This Beautiful series. The series now consists for 8 books - 4 full length novels and 4 novellas. Check them all out on Christina Lauren's Amazon page. I was introduced to the books in the summer of last year when a group of my blogger friends hosted a SexMeUpReadathon. The aim of the game was in the title when it came to the books that should have been on the reading list and as usual even more books were recommended to me! The first book in this series, Beautiful Bastard, being one of them.

The first story introduces our first couple of main characters, Chloe and Bennett. During the story you are introduced to their friends who take turns being the main characters in their own stories. I've only read the first 3 full length novels so far but I've read them again (and again and again when it comes to Beautiful Player). One thing I found really cool about these books is that there is actually two authors. Christina and Lauren. I was blown away when I found out because the narrative in the book seemed seamless!

I would definitely recommend these books for quick, compelling and sexy reading. I would recommend reading in order of release, although it's not strictly necessary as each book is about a new character, the story of the cast as a whole continues to progress with each novel. They are a little expensive for kindle books though so keep an eye out for them on a deal.

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