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Feature Friday #4: Girls On Tour by Nicola Doherty & Giveaway!

Friday at last! How has your week been? What have you been reading this week?? Friday means feature day and continuing with the theme of favourite book series I have a special post today! This is a Friday of two firsts! It's the first author interview of the feature and it's the first time I am welcoming author Nicola Doherty to Erin's Choice!

Nicola's Girls On Tour series was released yesterday in one book with some bonus content. So belated happy publication day! You can check it out on Amazon by clicking here. Read on for my interview with Nicola...

First of all, for readers who might be new to this series, can you tell us a bit about it?

Yes! It’s a series of novellas about four friends who find fun and romance abroad. A different girl ‘stars’ in each story but they all interlink, and in the last story, they all go to Manhattan. Now it’s coming out in one volume with extra material (5 additional chapters, so just over a whole extra novella basically) and I’m really excited about it!

What inspired the series?

What happened was that I wanted to write Poppy does Paris as a short stand-alone … I was talking to my agent about it, and somehow we decided: wouldn’t it be cool to have a series where a different girl went to a different location? To this day I can’t remember which of us thought of it first. I knew I wanted to write something fun, light and escapist, but with the occasional chewy bit.

The series is set in different locations. How did you research for this – are they taken from personal travel experience?

I wish I could say I took a year off to visit each place but it didn’t work quite like that! I drew on past experiences: I lived in Paris for a year, and I’ve been to New York and Rome a couple of times, and I spent a month in California in 2011 which was useful for writing Lily Does LA. And I’ve been skiing a couple of times on family holidays, though I’ve never been to Meribel or stayed anywhere as fancy as Maggie does!

Have you visited each location or are there any that are still on your travel bucket list?

I’ve been to them all except Meribel so I had to do extra research and draw on memories of skiing trips for that one. I would love to spend longer in Los Angeles. Maybe if the film gets made …

Do you have a favourite character/title in the series?

It’s hard to choose but I think my favourite character is Lily, because she’s so outrageous. My favourite book in the series is probably the last one – The Girls Take Manhattan.  They land themselves in such chaos, it even took me by surprise while I was writing it …

How did you find writing a series compared with writing a standalone?

I loved it. Because the series takes place over a year, we get to see the girls at lots of different stages which is fun and also felt quite natural. The best part for me was being able to revisit the characters after their ‘happy ending’ – and explore how their romances developed and changed and in one case, ended, and how the friendships deepened as well. One of my favourite new scenes in the Girls on Tour complete book is Maggie and Rachel going on their first ever ‘friendship date’ after they’ve met on the skiing holiday. It’s so awkward initially, I felt for them!

I personally loved the link between the characters and the links with your standalone novels If I Could Turn Back Time and The Out of Office Girl. Was that intentional when you were planning the series or something that fell into place?

Thank you very much!  It sort of fell into place. Poppy and Rachel are the best friends in those two
novels, and I wanted them to have a chance to be main characters.  I feel like that’s how most friendships work – sometimes you’re the one having the drama while your best friend listens, sometimes it’s their turn! And I wanted the chance to revisit old friends from previous books. Basically being a character in one of my books is like being in the Mafia. You’re in for life. 

Do you have a favourite book series? If so what is it and why?

Tough question! I don’t know if you’d call them a series but I love the early Jilly Cooper standalone novels like Prudence and Imogen. And I’m loving Gemma Burgess’s Brooklyn Girls series – about a group of girls sharing a house in New York. Probably my favourite series ever was Sweet Valley High but I’m not sure if they would stand up to a re-read now …

Thanks Erin!

Thank you to Nicola for taking part! I have really enjoyed this series of novellas, keep reading for a giveaway of Nicola's new book Girls On Tour! I love that each one is in a different location and, thanks to Nicola's writing, you can really imagine being there with the girls! Check out my reviews at the links below. If you enjoyed Lindsey Kelk's I Heart series then this is for you, you could also check out Nikki Moore's Love London series and Aimee Duffy's Summer Flings series.

Poppy Does Paris (Girls On Tour 1) - Nicola Doherty
Lily Does LA (Girls On Tour 2) - Nicola Doherty
Maggie Does Meribel (Girls On Tour #3) - Nicola Doherty
Rachel Does Rome (Girls On Tour #4) - Nicola Doherty
The Girls Take On Manhattan (Girls On Tour #5) - Nicola Doherty

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