Friday, 3 April 2015

Feature Friday: Favourite Series

I have been toying with the idea of running a feature over a number of weeks since the end of last year and over the past few weeks I've started to pull all of my ideas together and put the wheels in motion to make sure this feature is great.

Each post will be live on Friday mornings starting from next week and each week we will be looking at a different book series which I've read and loved and would love to recommend to you! Authors will be joining me for interviews and there will be giveaways and other bloggers taking part too!

To kick off the series, over the next week I'll be sharing favourite book series of other book bloggers so make sure you check back! Do you have a favourite series? Leave a comment and share your faves with us!

"I love the Lord Of The Rings series just for the adventure and The Hunger Games for the strong female character. The both have a moral and a story to tell, each adventure gets better than the first but the outcome is the same" - Tracy @ Postcard Reviews

"Rebecca Raisin's Gingerbread Cafe Series. I love it because it is super snugly and such a perfect place to escape to! I love that the series goes right the way through the seasons, from snowy Christmas to chocolatey Easter!" - Becca @ Becca's Books

"Rebecca Raisin's Gingerbread Cafe Series because the surroundings and the atmosphere in the books is wonderful, the characters are great. They are so sweet and caring, Damon and Lily have amazing chemistry" - Simona @ Sky's Book Corner

"Harry Potter is the obvious choice for me as it's helped me through so much in life, particularly when I was bulled. I always thought that I related to Hermione the most as I've always been academic and had my head in a book but now that I've thought about it more, I feel like I relate to Luna more as I've always been different. I like being different." - Aimee @ A Journey Through Worlds

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