Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Review of Revenge of a Chalet Girl by Lorraine Wilson

The bit on the back…

All she wants for Christmas is…revenge.

When chalet girl Amy Wright finds her ex’s name on Chalet Repos’ guest list she sees her chance to get back at him – Josh Carter, the guy who broke her heart. Getting revenge without losing her job will be tricky but luckily the other chalet girls are on hand to offer their support. Pretty soon she’s in too deep and realises she doesn’t want to hurt him anymore. She wants him back.
There’s just one teeny complication…

This is the third novella in Lorraine Wilson’s Ski Season series and is all about chalet girl Amy and her ex Josh. At first I liked the sound of this novella, I liked that it was about exes and knew that there was going to be some angsty, chemistry going on, but as alluded to in the blurb there is one teeny complication and I wasn’t sure how that was going to pan out.

Chemistry is definitely evident between the two characters from the start. I loved the feeling that I got from both Josh and Amy when they were able to read each other’s body language and tone which could only exist from them having a history together. The dual POV really works in these short stories but especially so here because there are a lot of feelings to explore.

We are introduced to the naughtier side of one of the chalet girls, Tash (future MC), as Amy tries to show Josh she’s moved on. This starts out as fun but when the complication hinted to is revealed it turns out to have more serious implications for those involved.

I really enjoyed this book and I went straight into the next book Secret Crush of a Chalet Girl.

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