Monday, 20 April 2015

Review of Secret Crush of a Chalet Girl by Lorraine Wilsons

The bit on the back…

Chalet Girl Sophie Trent has plenty of reasons to hate Valentine's Day. After a lifetime of being treated like she didn’t matter because of her looks, she’s shed the pounds but not the self-esteem issues – and when she can curl up with one of her beloved romance novels, why put herself through a night of awkward speed ski dating?

A treasure hunt set by a secret admirer makes her reconsider. Only, what if it’s a cruel joke? Because it certainly wouldn’t be the first time!

But as Sophie follows the trail of red paper hearts around the idyllic winter wonderland of Verbier, she can’t help but wonder whether there really might be a Secret Valentine waiting for her out there on the slopes…

This is the 4th book in Lorraine Wilson’s Chalet Girl series. There are 6 novellas in the series now and although you don’t strictly speaking have to read them in order, each novella features a different main character while the story of the previous main characters progresses.

This story is all about Sophie, a character who has appeared in the earlier novellas. Sophie is an easily relatable character. She struggles with body confidence which is something so many girls struggle with so there is a real sense of realism about her character.

She also struggles with some other issues in her life, one in particular which has had much more of an impact on her than others. When this is revealed to the readers it is shocking and sad to read about but you can see a real strength coming out in Sophie. She eventually learns to translate this strength into confidence in herself.

This novella is the least light hearted I would say but it’s so sweet and that makes it equally enjoyable. Sophie’s romantic hero is kept secret in the beginning as she goes off on a Valentine’s hunt and I really loved the build-up to Sophie finding out who her admirer was, although I kind of already suspected!

I would say that so far this is my favourite of the series.

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