Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Review of Secrets of a Chalet Girl by Lorraine Wilson

The bit on the back…

Set in the exclusive Swiss ski resort of Verbier, the winter playground of the rich and famous, Secrets of a Chalet Girl is the second book in Lorraine Wilson’s fabulous Ski Season series.

When I saw that Lorraine was releasing Rebellion of a Chalet Girl in March I decided I wanted to go back to the start and read the series from the beginning. I had read Confessions of a Chalet Girl in June last year but hadn’t read any of the other novellas in the series, so I went and bought them all.

This story is about Flora and Zac. Flora is in Verbier to try and move on from her failed relationship and has an instant connection with Zac after a game of “Truth or Dare” sends her over to him on a dare to kiss the sexiest man in the room.

By introducing Zac as the sexiest man in the room Lorraine quickly manages to pique your interest as the reader just as Flora’s interest is piqued. I liked the “Truth or Dare” game right at the start which seemed to push Flora out of her comfort zone and followed with the sense of the new start she might be looking for. Zac, while sexy, driven and really caring on the outside is hiding issues of his own on the inside, issues that resonate deeply with Flora’s past.

The chemistry between the characters is obvious from the beginning. Zac is cocky and flirty which is at odds with Flora’s nervousness about approaching him. The attraction between them becomes stronger and escalates quickly throughout the novella, as to be expected with a short read.

I read this story within an hour but love these little bites of wintery romance that Lorraine has created. Having read two stories about Verbier now I feel like I’m getting to know it better which is allowing my imagination to take over!

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