Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Review of Spice by Scarlet Smith

The bit on the back…

Magazine writer Jess gets her latest freelance assignment – can anyone go from Vanilla to kinky in just fourteen days – and would they even want to?

Jess’ editor, Leyla wants to jump on the ‘mommy porn’ bandwagon, with a sexy blog, and she thinks Jess is just the girl to do it. Jess is given the List, which gives each sexy scenario and also the names and numbers of people who indulge in the weird and wonderful sex stuff, should she wish to ask their advice or expert opinion.

Jess’s latest freelance assignment is a “list” of sexy scenarios to try out. Her busy boyfriend Max is enthusiastic about the variety of sensual adventures. Until they reach the “threesome” option. Max is keen, but if they go too far will they risk everything?

Firstly thank you to Mischief (Avon) for approving me for this title. I requested it after Scarlet got in touch with my via my facebook page

The story is about freelance writer Jess and her next saucy assignment.

When I say saucy assignment I mean a list of sexy things to try with her boyfriend. This novella is quite raunchy in parts and won’t be to everyone’s taste (there was a bit of it that was a bit woah for me too) but considering the blurb you should have an inkling for what you’re in for before you even start to read.

Jess is quite a relatable character. In a long term relationship, worried about maintaining the spark that she had with her partner and eager to impress at work too. I’m not sure if I would want to be putting my sex life on the web un-anonymously but Jess seems like a “try everything once”, carefree person. Max her partner kind of looked a bit geeky in my mind but quickly became as hot as any other book boyfriend the further I read.

If you enjoy romance and erotica then this short novella will be right up your street. I read this in under an hour and the high standard of writing has ensured I’ll look out for more from Scarlet.

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