Thursday, 16 April 2015

#TBThursday - Stirling Book Festival 2013

Today I'm throwing back to the book festival I went to in 2013...

On Thursday we attended our first ever book festival! Stirling Book Festival ran from the 8th of September and is finishing today, including authors like Samantha and Freya North.

As soon as I saw that one of my favourite authors was hosting an evening I had to go! So after a bit of speculation as to whether or not we had actually arrived at the right place we made our way inside and joined the rest of the women inside the library. 

I've been a fan of Sam's since reading On Dublin Street at the start of 2013 and then reading the rest of her adult series when it became available. I've also read, and can recommend, Into The Deep, her first dip into the New Adult pool, bridging the gap between YA and contemporary romance.

It was great to hear Samantha talking all about her writing journey and also her journey through self publishing her YA fantasy books. 

Samantha read from the 2nd in the series, Down London Road and spoke quite a bit about Jo and why she had chosen her as the focus of the book. One thing that Samantha spoke about which really stuck with me was that for novels from the romance genre, characters and their development are so important because they carry the story. 

Aside from her books and hearing all about her it was great to be supporting a Scottish author, and great to meet her! 

Reviews of her books and a fab interview with Samantha are all up on the blog. 

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