Friday, 8 May 2015

Feature Friday #6: Author Interview with Pat Elliot

Aaaannnnnddd..... Relax! It's Friday again! I've scheduled this post in advance because today I'm probably going to be painting or still unpacking boxes after moving into our new house on the 1st! Today I am welcoming my second author of the series to the blog. Pat and I have been twitter friends for some time now and she is joining me today with an interview about her series All In The Leaves. Pat, over to you!

 First of all for readers who may be new to The Leaves series can you tell us a bit about it?

The Leaves series starts with a shy naïve girl, who has her fortune told, by means of a tea leaf reading. Wonderful things are promised to her, if she will go out and engage life.

What inspired the series?

The Series was inspired by a young lady of my acquaintance, who was indeed shy, and had a tea leaf reading. The outcome of hers wasn't quite the outcome of the girl in the story.

Did you intend to make this into a series or did that come about after finishing All In The Leaves?

I'd read in so many places that self published authors should write series, so I decided to try – with an idea in my mind that all three books would also stand alone.

Part of the series is spent in Scotland. Do you have a favourite place in Scotland?

There are so many beautiful places in Scotland, it's hard to pick a favourite. I love the beach at Broughty Ferry, love the McManus in Dundee and adore the countryside around the Carse of Gowrie. Scotland seems to have something for everyone!

Is there one character you connect more with between Anna and Chloe?

I connect with different parts of each. Anna is too naïve to be me, though I share the one man at a time policy she believes in. Chloe has had some rough knocks and she grows more, which I can identify with.

Can we expect more books from this series?

There is one more book to come. 'The House in the Leaves.'
The dream has come true for Anna and Chloe, now they find out living the dream is not quite all they thought it would be.

Can you give us a flavour of your journey to publishing your debut All In The Leaves?

Research, research and research. Submitting to agents to be told not commercial enough, so deciding to go it alone. That's where the research came in. Finding out what to do, how to do it, getting an editor (Saint Diane, for what she has to do for me!)  and a cover artist (the very talented Teresa Palomar Lois) and finally deciding to use the services of the wonderful people at ebookpartnership – they converted my files and distributed to all ebook stores. Having someone handle the technical and tax aspects is priceless. Plus, Diane and Matt are SO very helpful.

Do you have a favourite series?

My favourite series has to be The Discworld Novels by Sir Terry Pratchett.

Why do I love them so much?
Because they can be read on so many levels.
They are humorous on one level, satirical on another, very intelligent and they hold up a mirror to life and all its foibles. There's magic, there's technology, there's righteous anger, there are witches, benevolent dictators, vampires, werewolves and a six foot tall dwarf.
Then, there's Granny Weatherwax, who knows the truth about how things work, but also knows humans so well, that she practises Headology.
Such a smart woman. There's a lot in her to admire!

Thanks a lot to Pat for stopping by today! Check her website out here

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