Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Review of The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

The bit on the back…

Twenty-year-old Camryn has always felt different from everyone else around her – not content to be tied down by life's conventions, she’s always known that she wants a life less ordinary. But when tragedy forces her to abandon her plans, she vows never to let her walls down again – and never to fall in love.

But one night in the hottest club in town, her world is turned upside down. Desperate to escape, Camryn packs up the bare necessities and boards the next Greyhound bus leaving town, to find the true self she knows is out there. What she finds instead is a young man who is more like her than she knows. Andrew Parrish needs to find himself too, and harbours his own dark secrets…

Zig-zagging across the country together, Camryn finds herself doing things she never imagined, as Andrew shows her what it’s like to live by your own rules and what it feels like to give in to her deepest, darkest desires. Before she knows it, he’s become the centre of her world. But as the electric love and lust between them intensifies, a dark shadow is looming. Will Andrew’s secret push them together – or tear them apart?

This book has been on my radar almost since I started blogging, but I hadn’t bought it until recently when it was also recommended to me by my friend Kelli. We usually like the same books and authors like Colleen Hoover for example and this book was no different. I’m so glad I decided to download it.

The story is all about kindred spirits Camryn and Andrew. Both characters are on the road, one running from the trapped feeling that is consuming them and one heading home.

The story starts off with Camryn, setting the scene for her impulsive decision to take a time out from life. I could empathise with Camryn quite easily and her introduction to the readers will instantly win you over. She has been through quite a lot and to me she seemed like quite a selfless character although she finally embarks on a journey that is for her and her alone.

The two characters meet on their road trip and the banter between them in the beginning is quite fun to read because there is a friction between them that I feel comes from travelling but Andrew just has such a loveable rouge thing going on it’s hard not to feel a little captivated by him. That, and his tattoos.

The attraction to each other is there between the characters from the beginning although it’s subtle and grew gradually as the two characters began to get to know each other better. I liked that they took their time to build a relationship rather than just jumping straight into being in love. Andrew seemed to respect Camryn and almost keep her at arms-length a little throughout the initial stages of their friendship. At one point this is particularly evident and I could almost feel the emotional punch to the stomach that Camryn took, until I turned the page and J.A. Redmerksi soothed my soul by bringing Andrew to the rescue.

The narrative is told between Andrew and Camryn. I loved the dual POV in this story especially because each character had something totally different going on in their life even though their desire to avoid conforming to the norm brought them together.

The story becomes quite sad as the secret Andrew has been hiding, well might I add, throughout the story becomes very apparent. I can remember holding my breath, barely daring to turn the page to see what was going to happen at the end. I downloaded the second book straight away because I absolutely couldn’t help myself! Can’t wait to read more about Andrew and Cam.

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