Friday, 5 June 2015

Feature Friday #9: The Game Series by Emma Hart

Welcome to June! This is the 9th Feature Friday! I cannot believe that it's June nor can I believe I've been running this series over 11 weeks! Today's Feature is all about Emma Hart's The Game series.

The series consists of 4 novels featuring the same group of friends. I like this about a series because it helps to keep it fresh and interesting whereas if the series follows only one character I sometimes feel like my interest wanes a bit! Does anyone else feel like that or is it just me?

Anyway! Back to The Game series. As I said there are four novels and you can check out my reviews here -

The Love Game - Emma Hart
Playing For Keeps - Emma HartThe Right Moves - Emma Hart

Worth The Risk - Emma Hart

The Game series is well written, angsty New Adult reading. If you like Cora Cormack then I think you will definitely like this. My favourite was Playing For Keeps and I think I liked the whole "we must keep our relationship a secret" thing that was going on!

Have you read any of Emma's books? What's your favourite?

Erin xx

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