Monday, 8 June 2015

Review of Girls On Tour By Nicola Doherty

The bit on the back…

Four girls. One year.

Five fabulous destinations.

Poppy is bound for Paris, the City of Love. Could this be her chance to end her epic dry spell?

Lily is en route to her cousin's wedding in LA, where she's willing to break a few rules to land her dream role.

Maggie can't wait for her romantic ski holiday in Meribel - until it goes seriously off-piste.
Rachel packs for a glamorous Roman holiday, but a blast from the past is about to sabotage la dolce vita.

The girls get together and fly to Manhattan. But someone's been hiding a big secret in the Big Apple...

Firstly thank you to Headline for approving me for a review copy of all five novels together. I’ve read every novella in this series so far either through review copies or from buying them on Amazon and I can highly recommend these! Nicola also sent me a copy of the book which looks beautiful too so I’m glad to have it on my shelf! I also happen to be giving a copy of this book away during my second blog anniversary at the end of the month so check back for that!

The series is about 4 girlfriends and their travels. Each girl is the main characters in her own novella jetting off to a different city in each story. I especially loved Poppy and Lily’s individual stories and I was so glad to be back with Poppy as the narrator in the 5th novella Girls Take On Manhattan and again in the brand new material in this compendium!

There is so much to like about this series from the great writing throughout which makes you feel as if you are travelling along with the girls and the great feeling of camaraderie that you get when you’re reading. I love it when books feature characters that I’ve already met in another book so this series was perfect for me and it even comes with a character map so you can remind yourself of who is who and how everyone knows each other.

I would definitely recommend this book for readers who might only have an hour or so to read at a time because you can fit one story into that time, and also for fans of Paige Toon and Lindsey Kelk!

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