Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Review of Glimmer by Beth Kery

The bit on the back…

Alice Reed, an ambitious graduate from the wrong side of the tracks, is surprised and intrigued when she wins a coveted place at Camp Durand. The business training school, run by Durand's elusive CEO Dylan Fall, is legendary, and she can't help but wonder why she's been chosen.

It soon becomes clear that Dylan desires Alice. And Alice is powerless to resist his fierce sexual appetite, finding ecstasy and escape in his arms night after passionate night. But behind her lover's magnetic facade and incredible sensuality, Alice senses darkness. Dylan's past is playing catch-up, his secrets waiting to be unleashed. When the long-buried truth emerges, will it tear them apart for ever?

Firstly thank you to Headline Eternal for sending me a copy of this book to review! I actually ended up buying it on kindle too because I didn’t want to stop reading once I had started and I find it easier to read my kindle in bed! I have been a fan of Beth Kery’s writing since reading The Affair series so I was really looking forward to this after the blurb had pulled me in too! I thought it sounded perfect for me as I really enjoyed Samantha Young’s “Hero”.

Glimmer is all about main characters Alice Reed and Dylan Fall. Alice and Dylan meet at an interview for the exclusive Camp Durand where Alice is sure she has under-performed but is surprised to find she has gained a place at business school.

From the off I really liked Alice’s character. She’s not particularly typical to this kind of story, well in my opinion anyway and is certainly different to her female peers. I felt like she was easier to relate to because of this and because of her willingness to just muck in.

From the first meeting there was definitely a connection between Alice and Dylan but I felt like there could have been more of a build-up of tension between their first meeting and the first time the characters are together. Although it was hot and intense it was a little disappointing because I hadn’t felt that tension winding tighter and tighter before it snapped.

Throughout, the main storyline is about overcoming obstacles and chasing down your dream. This is not only shown through the business school and its ideals but also for Alice and Dylan on a more personal level. There was definitely something going on behind the scenes and I could feel it but couldn’t put my finger on it. It set me on edge a little as I tried (and failed) to pick up signals so I could clue in on the underlying secret. When it all came to light I was a bit shocked and I can’t see how I didn’t see it coming!

I will be waiting anxiously for the release of Glow in December so I can carry on with this story!

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