Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Review of Saving Quinton by Jessica Sorenson

The bit on the back…

Nova Reed can't forget him -- Quinton Carter, the boy with the honey-brown eyes who made her realise she deserved more than an empty life. His pain was so similar to her own. But Nova has been coming to terms with her past and healing, while Quinton is out there somewhere, sinking deeper. She's determined to find him and help him . . . before it's too late.

Nova has haunted his dreams for nearly a year, but Quinton never thought a sweet, kind person like her would care enough about someone like him. To Quinton, a dark, dangerous life is exactly what he deserves. And Nova has no place in it. But Nova has followed him, and now he must do whatever it takes to keep her away, to maintain his self-imposed punishment for the unforgivable things he's done. But there's one flaw in his plan: Nova isn't going anywhere . . .

This is the second book in Jessica Sorenson’s Nova series. The story continues where Breaking Nova left off and while Nova has come on leaps and bounds since her decision to turn her life around.

Quinton was in a much darker place than Nova throughout Breaking Nova and although Nova had started down that path in her own book Quinton was always trying to stop her getting too far in that she wouldn’t be able to get back out. Quinton’s guilt is so deep seated that he can’t see a way past the darkness other than to give himself over to death, although that doesn’t seem to happen to him either no matter how hard he tries.

This book is no walk in the park to read. It’s dark, depressing and at times for Nova it’s a never ending circle of disappointment where a chink of light will shine in Quinton but will be quickly doused by his need for his next fix. Nova is persistent and while her convictions are for the greater good she only seems to half grasp the danger that she puts herself in and at times it’s almost like she has a blatant disregard for her own life but it’s the strength of her love that keeps her going into less than desirable situations. To be honest I don’t know if I would ever have the same amount of courage her character does to get through to Quinton.

I cried for a chapter or two during this book and felt emotionally wrecked by the end of it. I was completely hooked to the story and read and read until I found out what was going to happen to the couple who has swiftly became one of my favourite book couples. I feel like the dual narrative here really showcases the parallel between Nova and Quinton, just like in Breaking Nova only amplified.

I went straight into Nova and Quinton: No Regrets after reading this book because I couldn’t wait any longer to find out what was going to happen to both characters.

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