Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Great British Bake Off 2015: Week 1

And so the long awaited return of GBBO graced us with it's presence last week with a fabulous first episode. Just like last year I am going to try and bake along with the show however this year I am off to a rather rubbish start as I am currently minus one oven! As my whole family are avid Bake Off fans I arranged to bake at my mum's until I have a new oven.

This week I tried my hand at the Madeira cake. Unlike the start of last year's Bake Off when I turned out this pretty spectacular (even if I do say so myself) Giraffe Swiss roll...

...I decided to stick to the traditional Madeira loaf cake recipe which I found on the BBC Good Food website. Click here to view the recipe and method as Good Food describes it!

On a scale of one to croquembouche I would say this is a fairly easy recipe to follow, even for a baking beginner or someone (like me) who has never tried this recipe before. The hardest part, for me anyway, was lining the damn tin because I have never been able to do that without wrapping myself in baking paper! Usually I leave it to my mum whenever a tin needs lined.

Here is my finished attempt complete with the signature Madeira crack (insert joke here) and all.

I don't overly like Madeira cake and because I'm currently on a diet I knew if I chose to make this I wouldn't eat much of it! According to my very reliable sources (workmates, family and boyfriend) the cake tasted as it should, with a close texture and hint of lemon. It did turn into a bit of a "how do you eat yours" with my dad preferring it warm and my boss liking hers with some butter.

If you are baking along with this year's show I would love to check out some of your baking related posts so leave me a link to your blog in the comments. My friend over at inspired me to bake along last year so make sure you check out her baking posts for some extra inspiration!

See you next week with something biscuity!

Erin xx


  1. I have to say that the Giraffe swiss roll from last year looks amazing! I love giraffe's and that would be the best birthday cake ever!!!

    Ok I am going to be one to say it - Nice crack hehehe (Giggles like a teenage boy) but that madeira looks great. Looking forward to seeing what else you cook up :)

    Do you have a favourite and least favourite of the contestants so far?


    1. My least favourite was Stu so that worked out, my fav is Matt but that could change! Do you have any favourites? I'm looking forward to wed although not sure what I'll bake!x


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