Thursday, 10 September 2015

Review of The Things We Do For Love by Alice Peterson

The bit on the back…

Love may hurt, but not loving hurts even more . . .

January Wild loves her daughter, her dog and her childhood home by the sea.
Single parenting is tough, but January has no regrets. She has a job she loves, a happy home and the support of her beloved grandfather. The arrival of a new boss, however, threatens to shake up January's safe world.

Ward Metcalfe loves great sales results and a well-run office.

Everyone at her office agrees: Ward is a soulless, corporate slave driver. Even Spud, the company mascot, dislikes him.

A secret stands between them.

Yet over time January sees there is more to Ward than meets the eye. Rumours circulate. What exactly is he hiding? and is January prepared to risk everything to find out?

Firstly thank you to Quercus for approving me for a review copy of this beautiful book. I absolutely adored Alice’s last novel One Step Closer To You so I was excited to read this novel – even the cover is gorgeous.

The story is all about main character January Wild.

January is the narrator throughout the story and I absolutely loved her. She has an awesome strength, especially in the face of adversity and she has had more than her fair share of it over the years. Alice weaves the past and present together in this novel portraying January’s strength perfectly. I really thought this was clever because one tiny bit of January’s past unfolds a little at the time and doesn’t in the slightest show her being all “poor me”. Every time she faces a trial she picks herself up and forges ahead for the good of her family.

The story is both heart-breaking and breath taking from page to page. I cried more than once throughout the story as there was certain parts of January’s story that I could relate to personally. January’s life revolves around her daughter and caring for her. I loved January’s drive to provide for her daughter and how she continually put herself second to everyone else’s needs.

January’s relationship with Ward starts off as tenuous but swiftly changes as they recognise something in each other. Ward always felt a little out of reach or unobtainable due to his reluctance to share his own past. When he eventually does come clean it makes you see him in a whole different light.

Seeing the past woven into the story lets you truly appreciate “the things we do for love”, or things we can hope to do as January feels like someone you would want to strive to be.

Alice’s writing flows easily throughout the book and kept me hooked until the very end. I read the book over a couple of sittings and can easily see myself re-reading it again in the future. Alice completely captured my heart with this story and just like One Step Closer To You it is one of my favourite reads of the year. Amazing Alice, five beautiful stars.

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