Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Review of Snowflake Wishes by Maggie McGinnis

The bit on the back…

Noah Drake was that guy--the one always on the lookout for his next adrenaline high, so it was no surprise when he took off across the world, seeking adventure as a travel writer. But one thing he could never escape was Piper Bellini, the girl who got away--the girl he let get away, a fact he's never let himself forget.

When he returns to Echo Lake to see if there's any chance the flame between them can be rekindled, he never expects to spend the night holed up with Piper in a roadside diner while a blizzard rages outside. It's exactly the kind of situation that sent Piper running years ago. But this time, Noah may have been handed a Christmas miracle, and he intends to make all of his and Piper's wishes come true...

Firstly thank you to St Martin’s Press for approving me for a review copy of this title. I’ve read one other book of Maggie’s so far, although I have more on my TBR (shocker), and I really enjoyed her writing. When I saw this Christmas shorty I knew I would want to read it. I think it’s perfect for fans of Paige Toon too.

I LOVED Noah. I mean really what is there not to love - he’s handsome, he’s fit and adventurous and he’s the one that got away. Or rather he’s the one that went away.

The end of this story is predictable and a happy ever after, but the journey to the ending was unexpected. Piper and Noah separated when Noah followed his free spirit back across the world not caring about what it could cost him. There are a lot of unresolved feelings between the pair of them and their connection is rekindled almost as soon as they see each other.

I liked that the story had them going on a trip together. Being stuck together during the story allows both characters to work through their feelings about each other and their relationship. The journey back also shows Noah’s heroic side and Piper’s ability to overcome her fears.

I am looking forward to more from Maggie’s Echo Lake series after this lovely, wintery read.

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