Monday, 25 January 2016

Review of Sweet Deception by Tara Bond

The bit on the back…

I could just imagine my mother's face when she saw me - her troublemaking youngest daughter, the university dropout who worked in a bar - turning up hung-over and in a ridiculously tiny miniskirt... Ah, to be the black sheep of the family…

Eight years ago, Charlie lost her brother in a mountaineering accident. She's come a long way since, or rather has fallen a long way down… A drop out, an alcoholic and promiscuous to boot, she is a constant disappointment to her family.

Eight years ago, Richard Davenport watched his best friend die. Now a successful businessman, he's never forgotten the promise he made to Charlie's brother that he would keep her safe. But how do you go about saving someone hell-bent on self-destruction?

One night Charlie goes too far and Richard is her only option for help. Can he break through and stop her lying to herself? Or will Charlie finally succeed in tumbling over the edge…

This is the 2nd book of Tara’s and after enjoying Beautiful Liar I had high hopes for this book.
Sweet Deception is all about troubled MC Charlie and her road to redemption.

I tried to like her, I really did, but in the end she kind of ruined the whole book for me. It’s usually more common to have a “together” female MC trying to change a guy who is a bit of a bad boy but this was very much the opposite. Charlie is rebellious and felt very naive and irresponsible. She also seemed to be pretty selfish getting herself so drunk that some nights could have ended in tragedy. She constantly adds to her parents stress but doesn’t see it. When you get to know more about her family’s story, Charlie looks even more selfish in comparison.

I didn’t feel Richard’s attraction to Charlie strongly and this is due, in part, to the fact that he spent most of the book trying to help her or bailing her out of whatever situation she’d got herself into. He gave her chance after chance to help herself and she just threw it back in his face. She also acts this way with Richard’s employees and for someone seemingly intelligent she comes off as pretty stupid at times.

I was hoping for some big realisation of the attraction between Charlie and Richard. Some no holds barred, explosive turning point but Richard was proper to a fault so I was left disappointed.

Unfortunately the characters didn’t do it for me this time, but I will continue to read more from this author because the writing I’d enjoyed in Beautiful Liar was the same throughout Sweet Deception.  

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