Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Review of I Knew You Were Trouble by Paige Toon

The bit on the back…

Life as the undercover daughter of a rock god isn't going to be easy. How will Jessie adjust to her old boring life again after spending her summer living it up with her dad in LA?

With tough decisions ahead (and not just choosing between two hot boys), can she cope juggling her two very different lives? Summer may be over, but Jessie's story is just beginning…

I really wish these books had been out when I was Jessie’s age! I am a diehard Johnny Jefferson fan so when Paige released The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson it took me quite a while to read it because I wasn’t ready to give up the image I already had of Johnny. Turns out I just love him more after reading about him with a teenage mini-me daughter.

This is the second book about Jessie, I’d say definitely read the first one before you read this so you can get to know her story better. If you have only picked this one up Paige does a good job of telling you everything you need to know to catch up without retelling the whole of the first book.

In I Knew You Were Trouble Jessie’s life is unequivocally different compared to the start of the first book.  She’s just back from a summer with her rock star dad and her new family and she’s trying to adjust back to reality. Just for the rug to get pulled out from under her again.

There are so many things to love about Paige’s writing regardless of your age. If you’re a fan of Paige’s adult novels you will appreciate the writing style, the genuine characters and the fact that you get to re-visit Johnny and Meg. If you are a young reader you will easily be able to identify with Jessie and the normal teenage struggles she has to go through on top of everything with her dad. If you’ve read and enjoyed this you should definitely have a look at All American Girl by Meg Cabot.

The story goes from the UK to LA and you can get totally swept up in Jessie’s whirlwind of a life. It’s exciting and intense in parts and pitched perfectly for readers of around Jessie’s age throughout. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Jessie and I am tempted to go back and read Johnny Be Good now!

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