Monday, 8 February 2016

Review of The Kiss Before Midnight by Sophie Pembroke

The bit on the back…

Heading home to Liverpool for Christmas, Molly Mackenzie isn’t just looking forward to the mulled wine and mince pies – she’s got high hopes for who she’ll find under the mistletoe this year!

Unable to forget the delicious near miss with her brother’s best friend, Jake, last New Year’s Eve, Molly’s got a new resolution at the top of her list: seduce Jake and get this crazy chemistry out the way before it has serious repercussions on the rest of the Mackenzie family.

Only Molly has underestimated the magic of the holiday season… The more stolen moments in the snow that she shares with Jake, the more determined she is to make it a whole lot more than just a kiss before midnight.

This is the second Christmas romance novella by Sophie that I’ve read this year, even though Christmas has passed! It follows on from The Kiss Before Christmas which was all about Dory. It’s set the Christmas after Dory’s story, and is about her sister Molly.

This is a classic case of falling for the older brother’s best friend but the best friend being reluctant to act on his feelings because of misplaced loyalty to the older brother. In that way, it’s a predictable read but the journey from beginning to end is so romantic it’s easy to get swept up in it and forget that you know what the end result is likely to be.

Molly feels like the least successful of her siblings, always a step behind trying to live up to what she thinks everyone expects of her. Going home this Christmas isn’t just about seeing her family and showing them how accomplished she is. This year she’s going home to face Jake after sharing a kiss with him last New Year. I loved the premise of the story line so I was looking forward to seeing how it was going to unfold in all its angsty, chemistry filled goodness!

Sophie did not disappoint! Jake and Molly have definitely got some unresolved chemistry going on and seeing them tempt each other by being in their mere presence is tantalising from the get go. The novella is short but well written making the time fly by when you’re reading. This would be great if you only have a spare hour or so. Just like The Kiss Before Christmas it is a timeless read for all year round. I really enjoyed this and would recommend it to fans of Sarah Morgan.

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