Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Review of Some Girls Don't by Amy Andrews

The bit on the back…

Local television reporter Selena Durrum is in Jumbuck Springs for three days. Get in, see her grandmother, give her speech, and get out. Her career is about to hit big and she can’t afford any distractions. Especially not her childhood sweetheart…

Jarrod Weston, rural firefighter, isn’t worried about seeing the woman who’d done a midnight runner on him fifteen years earlier. It was a long time ago and he’s moved on with his life… right?

But neither of them were ready for their still potent attraction and the heavy pull of unfinished business. But then Selena gets offered the opportunity of a lifetime and once again has to choose between love and career… Will she go with her heart, or her head?

Firstly thank you to Tule Publishing for providing me with a copy of this title via NetGalley. This is the second book in Amy Andrews’ Outback Heat Series and is all about childhood sweethearts Selena and Jarrod. Selena is chasing her dream career while Jarrod fights fires near his hometown. The pair couldn’t be at more different places in their lives but the strength of their chemistry and unrequited love story draws them together again.

The story focuses on their reunion in Jumbuck Springs and how that brings up all the old feelings and emotions. There is a definite attraction between the characters and a pull that is palpable in their initial scenes together. It’s easy to see why they were good together.

I really liked Jarrod’s character. He’s this big burly firefighter who is dedicated to his town and his job, just like his brothers. He is quite clearly in touch with his emotional side as you can see how much Selena has hurt him in the past and just like watching an accident in slow motion you can see it’s going to happen again.

Selena is selfish. That’s the bottom line. Throughout the story she is solely focused on herself and getting ahead in her job. It’s as if she takes Jarrod for granted and swoops in and out of his life easily as if she doesn’t even register the potential consequences it has.

This story is a quick read and there are two further books in the series which I will definitely be checking out.

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